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Would you like to go for a day, a week or more on a sea cruise? Explore our company Sam boat’s luxurious hire yachts. Experts in boat rental, we show our numerous yacht designs. During your luxury yacht charter, enjoy Samboat facilities. Samboat provides crew-rented luxury yachts and high-end facilities. On the French Riviera, Cannes or Antibes you can hire your boat. We promise you, during your stay, a quality service 24/7 and a VIP service. Samboat provides all the facilities needed for an enjoyable sailing and an enjoyable stay. We remain 7/7 at your fingertips to answer all your questions and provide you with a product that is irreproachable.

Experienced and skilled workers

Let the captain direct you on the cruise of your ship. Our group organizes an à la carte stay on request. Rent your ship with Samboat and have faith in our knowledge and experience. Crossing the Mediterranean and entering Corsica to explore the turquoise waters, you will also discover the islands of Porquerolles, the Levant Islands. Relax and take pride in the scenery. The group aims to satisfy all your desires and needs. For your boat rental, do not hesitate to contact us. Our exceptional yachts provide you with comfort and efficiency. On each of our bases, our team of professionals puts their know-how and expertise at your disposal. Samboat provides extreme crewed ships, quality of services, and qualified staff to meet your needs. We think a company is just a reflection of the people who are creating it. That's why our team focuses on travel principles, shared society, and boating.

Experience a relaxing trip on a dream yacht with parents

Browse the world's most beautiful spots and enjoy great comfort on board our rented ships to discover new landscapes or sunbathe. The yacht is a dream place where all sorts of things can be enjoyed and all passengers on board are smiled. For any questions, details or reservations, do not hesitate to contact us at .


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