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The best Spannish cities to see by boat

Spain is a very touristy country, there is no doubt about that. We have hundreds of charming cities and beautiful cities, or what is the same, thousands of places to visit, where we can go on a family getaway. Let's go by boat and discover Spain.

The positive side of rural tourism

Rural tourism has become fashionable in recent years and, fortunately, we do not have to go very far to find this type of tourism, because our country is full of charming corners and dream places, true gems of nature. But there are many places with this magical and special touch, which are not known to everyone. In this article, we will see these tourist places, these magnificent and charming sites that you may not have seen or heard of, but which are undoubtedly worth visiting.

Things to see and visit in Spain

This guide to what to see in Spain was created for a reason: I like to promote the places to visit in the country where I was born. I like rent a boat barcelona, and even if I have many places to know, I have covered its geography very well. In this article, I will dissect the Iberian Peninsula to show some of the routes and places to visit in Spain, dividing them by geographical location, popularity... It is not a guide to what to see and do in Spain in a month, but what to see in Spain in general.

Spain's tourist attractions

Spain's tourist attractions from a tourist point of view are indisputable, and that is why in recent years it has become the second country in the world to welcome international tourists.

Whatever one's tastes and preferences, Spain offers a wide variety of tourist opportunities, whether it is sun or beach trips, cultural outings to discover the extensive heritage or outings in the heart of nature.